Defi Sport Display F

Defi Sport Display F


That's it! The Defi Sports Display F (DSDF) has finally been announced, and the release date is set for October 2017!

The Multi-Display dash was teased at the last TAS 6 months ago, and is finally getting ready to hit the shelves!

For those of you who have missed out what the Sports Display F is, here's a quick overview:

- Multifunction Digital Dash

- Display sensor information by linking to ADVANCE system Display

- Display vehicle information acquired from OBDII

- Stopwatch function with GNSS position information

- USB port for data saving and software update

- Data analysis using PC

- Various display modes

- Automatic control of display brightness with light control sensor

- Integrated LED shift light

- Touch screen and dedicated Switch Unit

While the Sports Display F is able to read your car info from the OBD2 port, it can read additional information when linking up with the ADVANCE Control Unit too, such as Oil Temperature, Boost, Fuel Pressure, and whatever other sensors you add to the ADVANCE system.

If you already have the ADVANCE Control Unit and your sensors and just want to upgrade from your Defi Gauges, or ZD, you can just buy the Display alone, hook it up and hit the road!

In this case, you'll need the Sports Display F only (ref: DF15901), which includes:

- DSDF Display Unit

- Switch Unit for DSDF Display Unit

- 1x GNSS Antenna

- 1x OBD2 Cable

- Power Cable

- DSDF Mounting Brackets

Find it in the shop here! 

Otherwise, if you are starting from scratch, Defi is offering the Sports Display F Advance Control Unit Set (ref: DF15902), which includes:

- DSDF Display Unit

- Switch Unit for DSDF Display Unit

- ADVANCE Control Unit

- Switch Unit for ADVANCE Control Unit

- 1x 200kPa Boost Sensor

- 1x Pressure Sensor

- 2x Temperature Sensors

- 1x Speed & Tachometer Signal Cable

- 1x GNSS Antenna

- 1x OBD2 Cable

- Power and Sensor Cables

- DSDF Mounting Brackets

 Find it in the shop here! 

We are eagerly waiting for more information on the DSDF Multidisplay Dash, and will share more updates as we receive them from Defi Japan! Watch this space!

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