About Us

Who are we?

RZCrewGarage.com was founded in 2012 in Singapore. This website was built to ensure that gearheads around the world could buy their favourite automotive products at best prices.

Authenticity guaranteed:

All products sold by RZCrew Garage are guaranteed to be 100% authentic and genuine. All of the products listed on our site are manufactured to the highest of quality standards. If you have any concerns over product authenticity, quality or lead times please don't hesitate to contact us.

RZCrew Garage has a proud and ethical history of only ever selling authentic and genuine products from the top brands and manufacturers. These are the brands that invest heavily into developing new products for our cars in order to increase your driving experience. Without these brands and their forward-thinking approach we'd simply have no performance parts to add to our cars.

Product Warranty:

All products sold by RZCrew Garage are 100% warrantied following the manufacturer terms and condition back to back. For more information on warranty, please check our T&C page.


SINGAPORE (headquarters - visit only upon appointment only):

RZCrew Trading Pte Ltd 201628281N
158 Kallang Way #06-07 

349245 Singapore

(Opening Hours)
Monday to Friday 1pm to 6pm SGT

Our warehouses:

13 Rue des Rochettes,
91150 Morigny-Champigny


9455 NE Alderwood Rd
Portland, Oregon 97252

What do we do?

Performance parts Trading:

RZCrew Garage is an importer and exporter of brand new genuine carparts worldwide. From OEM parts to all USDM/ EUDM/ JDM performance parts, our company carries over 984 aftermarket brands globally. We use our wide logistics channels to bring the best prices to our clients, wherever they are.


Engine Building:

With access to so many performance parts, we often have customers asking us to build their engines. Our team is always glad to provide advice on engine setup and quote you for engine assembly, tolerances check, and tuning.

Honda NSX A1 C30A build.


Honda Fit GE8 L15A build.



Toyota Vios NCP42 1NZ-FE Build

As featured on www.POWAAGarage.com


Engineering and Machining:

RZCrew Garage also engineers parts and propose a complete custom solution to any gearhead. If it doesn't exist, we will make it for you.

The RZCrew line of products is manufactured to a high level of quality and standard. We always do rigorous product testing on test benches, dynos, and on track to ensure their reliability and performance.

RZCrew Garage Brands Line up
is composed of:

Super Rigid's Chassis Enhancement Rings are specifically designed aluminium 6061 pieces that fit between the car’s subframe and chassis and prevent them from moving.

Bolt holes between the chassis and subframe are designed to be bigger than the bolt to ease production at the assembly factory.
With time, the bolts loosen slightly and movement between the chassis and subframe occurs.

By centering the two parts along the bolt’s axis, Super Rigid's rings align them as per factory settings and prevent any future movement between the chassis and subframe. This results in a more precise turning, a better steering feel and an overall improved handling. Available for a wide of car model and brands.

The Airstream Intake Manifold series, features high capacity plenums for better engine response and short oversized runners to ensure a faster airflow to the engine head. The flange is made to match the stock head for a seamless and turbulence-free air flow in the combustion chamber.

Our proprietary Airstream technology features internal trumpets angled to optimise air flow and make sure each cylinder is fed with the same amount of air. The results are improved mid and high-end power and low torque gains.


All Airstream Intake Manifolds undergo stringent flow testing, we run intensive CAD Simulation and calculation to ensure their performance. All products are machined using state-of-the-art 3 Axis CNC Machines and skilled craftsmen for a perfect finishing.


Our level of customisation are endless, with custom engraving and colour anodisation. Feel free to contact us if you want a custom manifold for your car or project, our design fees are kept low as we like to develop cool parts for cool cars and people :-)



RZCrew Garage Billet Individual Throttle Bodies:


Our modular design makes it plug-and-play for any and every car model and engine.

It features:
- Billet Individual Throttle Body Adapter, also called Runner. These are calculated to make the installation easy and keeping the ITB Mechanism close to the head to ensure perfect flow and less turbulence. The shorter flow travel also enhances engine response and Torque.

- Billet ITB system. Our ITB are machined in one piece of billet aluminum on high precision CNC Machines to ensure perfect fitting and flow. It is fully mounted on ball bearing to get a smooth pedal feel and perfect air delivery in each cylinder. Each Throttle plate is made of copper to avoid any sticky feeling under high heat.

Throttle diameter may vary depending on engine model, we usually propose 3 different diameters yet you can contact us for any specific requests.
Anodisation is also available on request for the ITB Body. If you want to make your engine bay shine, we propose 8 different colours to match your style!

- All throttle plates are controlled by a single mechanism making the balancing and tuning of each cylinder a breeze and avoiding chaotic idling.

- Teflon gaskets are included to fit the Runner and the ITB as well as the trumpets to ensure low heat conductivity.

- Custom length trumpets. It is important to choose the right trumpet length depending on your application. For higher peak power we recommend shorter Trumpet length. For Torque, we recommend longer length.

You can choose the appropriate length in our option menu on the right. Certain engine responses are different so feel free to enquire, we will be glad to help you find the best length for your build.

- Vacuum Box is included. Get all your vacuum set at once and link it to your brake booster and other ancillary functions. It also includes all billet fitting with different diameter to get it linked to your vacuum circuit easily. Please note that vacuum hoses are not included our kits.

Now you can get a feel of our ITB system in this video:

DC5 K20A
Stock Compression Ratio
Drag cartel 2.2 Camshafts
Dry Sump setup
Exhaust header and catback 2.5"
Adding our ITB to the mix developed 278HP and 267Nm Torque.


RZCrew Garage CNC High Flow Head:

CNC Porting is the key to increase your airflow entering and exiting your engine. More air added to the mixture will dramatically increase your horsepower rating. All our CNC Head go through bench flow testing to ensure the right increment of the CFM. We usually calculate an increment between 15 to 20% per cylinder.

Whether it's for turbo or NA applications our heads make power!
During the machining process we can also add in with diverse machine work such as copper valve seats fitting, valve guide installations, skimming and tolerances check.



RZCrew Garage Billet Camshafts:

Made in Europe, our Billet Camshafts are light and strong with a vast range of profile to match a drop in, rally or time attack setup.


RZCrew Garage Forged Pistons:

Made in the USA, RZCrew's Custom-Made Forged Pistons are engineered for high performance applications, from hot street to competition. To ensure our pistons can take the serious abuse of high compression, extreme boost levels and heavy nitrous usage while remaining reliable, we use high tensile strength 2618 aluminium alloy.
Our pistons are fully customised to your specifications (bore and compression ratio) and will be forged for you upon order.

Contact us for any applications


RZCrew Garage Customised Engine Parts:

B Series Billet Valve Covers:

Toyota/ Lotus 2ZZ-GE High Capacity Billet Oil Pump:

The Rzcrew Garage Billet oil pump is made to fix the Toyota/ Lotus 2ZZ Oil pump Gear failing at High RPM. Fully machined in Billet Aluminum, our Oil Pump features:
- Treated and Up-rated Oil pump Gear to ensure maximum flow and better resistance to high RPM.
- Full Billet Housing and high precision machining for a perfect Fitting on your engine.
-Customisations are available. Pick your own colour, engraving is also possible to match your engine bay or Crew theme colours.

RZCrew Garage - High Capacity Billet Oil Pan - Nissan VR38DETT

Avoid the risk of blowing your VR38DETT with our High Capacity Oil Pan. Our kit is full machined in Billet aluminum for perfect fitting and look. It Features:

- 1.42 Liter added Oil capacity avoiding oil windage during hard cornering, benefiting of a cooler oil temperature at all time.
- It fits under the lower stock factory Tray for Aero purpose and avoiding any ground collision.
-This kit comes complete with hardware, extended oil pick up and its O-ring for a plug and play installation.
-Customisations are available. Pick your own colour, engraving is also possible to match your engine bay or Crew theme colours.


We are contactable via the instant chat window and contact form on this website, as well as email:

- Sales@rzcrewgarage.com
- Accounts@rzcrewgarage.com

We usually reply within a day to any enquiries, the fastest way remains talking to us on the chat by writing your email address and questions.

Facebook: RZCrewGarage
We speak English, Spanish and French so don't be shy.

A picture is worth a thousand words

NSX CA30 Engine Build conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia:
- RZCrew Garage CNC High Flow Head
- Block Boring Honing with custom Torque plate
- Tolerances control and engine build
- Brian Crower Stroker Kit, ATS Clutch and a whole lot of parts supplied by us

MTA Time attack - Sepang Circuit Malaysia.

- Fastest Time for the Rzcrew Garage Toyota Vios NCP42 (Vios Category) driven by Benjamin Attard


Welcome to the RZCrew!