How to Use the Site

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use this website:

1/ Find the category you are looking for

Find the category of products you are looking for from our drop down menu

2/ Use the side filters to refine your search and find your vehicle in the list

Find your car: filter by Year, Make and Model

Find your parts: filter by Main Category, Sub Category, Brands, etc...

At any point, you can go back on your choice of filters by clicking the checkbox or the "clear" button next to the filter.

And you can change your currency in real time with the Currency Function. The rates are updated in real time based on the latest exchange rates.

3/ Product pages

Once on the product page, you can see all the info you need about the product you are viewing:

1/ Availability: Quantity in stock and location of the part

2/ Options: Part options and add ons (if available)

3/ Description: Product description and technical infos

4/ Taxes & Shipping: Details regarding the shipping and the applicable taxes for this product

5/ Fitting Information: A recap of the cars with which this product is compatible

6/ RZCrew Tech: Tips from the RZCrew Team regarding this item


4/ Shopping Cart

The shopping cart has an integrated Shipping Calculator so you can calculate exactly how much your parts will cost to get to you.

1/ Shipping Calculator: To view the price of shipping, fill in your Country and Postal/Zip Code and the system will automatically calculate the most optimised shipping for your parts.

2/ Total: The cost of your parts and shipping will automatically be updated.

For European Customers:

To avoid any customs check that may delay your shipment, we include the European taxes to your order. When calculating your shipping costs from a country of the European Union, Import Taxes will be automatically calculated, so you don't have to pay them when the parts reach you. (2)

If you prefer paying the taxes upon receiving the parts, please contact us.