Rzcrew Racing Intake Manifold for the Yaris GR GXPA16: The Power band banger

Rzcrew Racing Intake Manifold for the Yaris GR GXPA16: The Power band banger

Rzcrew Racing Billet Airstream Intake Manifold for the Toyota Yaris GR GXPA16 Introduction

The Toyota Yaris GR GXPA16 is the epitome of the term "pocket rocket". With only 1600cc of displacement, the three legged G16E-GTS puts out an impressive 260hp at 6500rpm and 370N/M of torque from 3000 to 4600rpm. The growing popularity of this engine, found not only in the Yaris GR but also in the new Corolla GR GZEA14H and a speculative MR2 Concept car, has sparked the need for aftermarket upgrades. The RZCrew Racing Team took on the challenge of making an intake manifold, with the aim to optimize performance while meeting a reasonable sales price for the motorhead community.

The Challenge: A Compact Engine Bay and a Small Intake

Upon acquiring a new intake manifold from Toyota Japan, the RZCrew Racing Team faced an immediate realization – the stock intake was not only small but the engine bay itself presented a tiny canvas for modification. The real challenge was there: creating an intake manifold that would not only fit seamlessly into the limited space but also enhance the engine's performance. Armed with our 3D scanner, we got to work on the best way to optimize the space available.



Design Goals: Enhancing Flow, Maintaining Power Range, Affordability

Faced with the constraints of space and a desire to avoid overworking the stock turbocharger, the RZCrew Racing Team set clear design goals: The primary objective was to create a plenum that would optimize airflow without compromising the peak power range. This delicate balance aimed to deliver an enhanced driving experience without overwhelming the existing turbocharger. The second objective, equally important, was the commitment to affordability and longevity, with the team opting for a 2-piece billet intake manifold.


The Evolution: Design Iterations and Machining Challenges

The journey to the final design was not without hurdles. Multiple iterations were explored, each met with challenges in both machining and structural strength. The RZCrew Racing Team experimented with various designs, conducted extensive flow testing, and confronted machining failures. Hours of dedication and many redesigns were invested in overcoming obstacles and refining the concept to meet the desired performance goals.



Testing Time

After four months of meticulous work and fine-tuning, the much-anticipated final testing phase for the RZCrew Racing Toyota Yaris GR GXPA16 intake manifold has concluded. The test mule, boasting custom modifications ranging from the Eventuri intake to the Rzcrew Racing Billet Airstream Intake Manifold, were put through their paces on the dyno. The testing conditions were meticulously recorded. External temperature averaged 29°C, with a barometric pressure of 1016 mbar.

 Dyno Base line:
- Eventuri intake (+12hp/ 24.4NM )
- Milltek Exhaust System inc Circuit Pack (Non dyno'ed)
- Milltek Sport HJS Tuning ECE Downpipes (Non dyno'ed)
- Base tune at 1.5Bar (Stock boost)

300Hp at 5830rpm
429Nm at 4007rpm

Final Tune:
- Eventuri intake (+12hp/ 24.4NM)
- Milltek Exhaust System inc Circuit Pack (Non dyno'ed)
- Milltek Sport HJS Tuning ECE Downpipes (Non dyno'ed)
- Wagner Tuning Intercooler & Charge Pipe Kit (+17hp/+10Nm)
- Rzcrew Racing Billet Airstream Intake Manifold
- Tune on Motec M142 at 1.7bar

381Hp at 5830rpm
516Nm at 3001rpm (500Nm average from 3 to 5k Rpm)



Following rigorous testing, the Rzcrew Racing Billet Airstream Intake Manifold emerges as a powerhouse, estimated to produce an impressive 40 to 60Hp and 60Nm of torque. A defining feature lies in its optimized power band, strategically engineered to shift torque back from 4000 to 3000rpm without compromising peak power. This unique design ensures an ideal balance for both daily and hard driving, offering efficient power delivery for both motorsport enthusiasts and track day aficionados.

The plenum's meticulous design calculations enable enhanced airflow, setting the stage for compatibility with larger turbochargers such as the GCG and the anticipated HKS SPORTS TURBINE KIT. While accommodating these upgrades, our intake seamlessly integrates with the stock engine bay, featuring a slightly adjusted throttle body angle to suit the oversized plenum. Modifying the stock charge pipe may be necessary, but the intake remains compatible with the stock fuel system and turbocharger. For those eager to explore the transformative capabilities of our intake on a stock engine, we invite you to reach out and be part of the journey toward unlocking unparalleled performance. Rzcrew Racing's Billet Airstream Intake Manifold signifies a new era in power optimization, merging street adaptability with the demands of high-performance driving.

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