Black Friday Sales 2019

Black Friday Sales 2019

Ignition Coils Boosters and Cables
Super Spark Up to 30% off
Splitfire Up to 22% off
Okada Projects Up to 11% off

Coilovers and Springs
Blitz Coilovers Up to 40% off
Ohlins Europe Coilovers Up to 28% off
Racing Gear Coilovers Up to 25% off
HKS Coilovers Up to 25% off
Cusco Coilovers Up to 21% off
Js Racing Coilovers Up to 15% off
Aragosta Coilovers Up to 12% off
Ohlins Japan Coilovers Up to 10% off
Tein Coilovers Up to 10% off
Tein Springs Up to 30% off
Blitz Springs Up to 10% off

Swift Springs Up to 10% off
Spoon Springs Up to 6% off

Bars and Braces
Cusco Up to 21% off
Blitz Up to 16% off
J'S Racing Up to 12% off
Okuyama Carbing Up to 10% off

Super Rigid Up to 30% off
Spoon Rigid Collars Up to 10% off

Intake Kits
GruppeM Up to 15% off
Beatrush Up to 13% off
HKS Up to 27% off
J'S Racing Up to 15% off
Apex'i Up to 7% off
ARC Up to 10% off
Mugen Up to 14% off
Jun Auto Surge Tanks Up to 15% off

Engine Parts
JE Pistons From 569 USD
Manley Pistons From 541USD
Wiseco Pistons From 541USD
ACL Orbit Up to 59% off
Gates Up to 46% off
ARP Up to 15% off
Fluidampr Up to 14% off
Perrin Pulleys Up to 10% off
Eagle Up to 10% off
K1 Technologies Up to 9% off
Wiseco Boost Line Conrods Up to 8% off
Brian Crower Up to 8% off
GSC Power Division Up to 7% off
CP Pistons Up to 6% off
Agency Power Up to 5% off
Supertech Up to 5% off

HKS Up to 24%
Kakimoto Up to 23%
5Zigen Up to 5%
Apexi N1 Up to 5%
ASM Yokohama Up to 4%
Backyard Special Up to 5%
Blitz Up to 18%
Buddy Club Up to 6%
Feels (Honda Twincam) Up to 10%
Fujitsubo Up to 20%

J's Racing Up to 14%

Jun Auto Up to 5%
Max Racing Up to 9%
Mugen Up to 6% Off
RZCrew Garage Super Circuit Up to 19%
Spoon 4% Off
Tanabe Up to 18% Off
Toda Racing Up to 5% Off
Tomei Up to 11%
Vision Technica Up to 7%

Borgwarner EFR Turbos Up to 25% off
Tomei ARMS Turbine Kits Up to 15% off


SARD Racing radiators Up to 30% off
Mishimoto Radiators Up to 28% off
Mocal Oil Coolers Up to 15% off
Koyorad Radiators Up to 15% off
Koyorad Oil Coolers Up to 15% off
Blitz Radiators Up to 15% off
Greddy Radiators Up to 12% off
J'S Racing Radiators Up to 10% off

Fifteen52 Buy 3 Get 1 Free - promo code: BLACKFIFTEEN52
Weds Leonis Up to 38% off
Enkei Japan Up to 35% off
Work Wheels Up to 33% off
Bridgestone Potenza Up to 32% off
SSR Japan Up to 32% off
Rays Up to 30% off
TWS Up to 28% off
WedsSport Up to 23% off
Prodrive Up to 22% off
5Zigen Up to 20% off
Spoon Up to 15% off
Watanabe Up to 15% off

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  • Benjamin Attard